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Resolution of this device allows structuring with driven pulses from 4 to 200 nanosecond duration in a micron-scale over square meters of surface.
The project goal
Our team created a unique machine with a new scheme of work for the imaging process innovation. The machine is extremely precise and now works at the fastest speed possible.
Created, designed, produced, and assembled in 1 year. We are actually proud of this timeline.
1 105
Installed details in machine
23 085
Working hours of engineering and assembling
1 748
Hours of project on-site installation
Create the two coordinate fast and precise machine for micron-scale surface engraving.
In the beginning, there was only the idea, so our first step was to investigate physical fundamental technology possibilities. We have made a series of tests and measurements to prove that the machine will work at the desired resolution and parameters.
Before the machine production started full model was built by our engineers, a lot of calculations and analytics were done.
According to delivery guides and overall project schedule, thousands of components were ordered from 112 suppliers and manufacturers all over 7  countries.

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