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We have created the most cost-effective solution in the cleaning market for SME businesses, revolutionizing the customer-supplier interaction in this field, so there are no more questions about safety, quality, and warranty.


Create a machine for the cleaning industry which will be at the same point reliable, safe, fast, and chemistry-free.


Spent hundreds of hours in the lab doing test one by one to ensure all the machine characteristics.


Science team have more than eight years of experience in this field, and we spent two years in R&D to combine the latest science and technology achievements to bring the idea to life.

Main features

Our goal is to deliver the safest, top quality, and the most cost-effective solution to the cleaning market.
Easy to use
We are focusing on delivering simple one-button user experience equipment to our customers.
Green friendly technology
Our technology ensures zero emissions and zero chemicals involved in operations.
Simple setup
Our solution can be moved, connected, and installed by only one person.

LIAA programs member

The aim of the project is to develop innovative equipment for the pre-production prototype cleaning. Thanks to the innovative optical-mechanical arrangement of the device, our device would shorten the cleaning process from about 60 minutes. up to 3 minutes, guaranteeing cleaning in one technological operation.

Support for attracting highly qualified staff to solve specific research activities, technological problems or to develop new or significantly improved products or technologies.

Contract number: VP-L-2020/86
Date of the contract: 11.12.2020

"Technology transfer program" identification no.
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